Rental car & self-drive in Samara Beach

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 Samara Beach
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  Guanamar Hotel

Rental Car & self-drive in Samara Beach.

Day 1 to 6 Enjoy your visit to Costa Rica

A representative from the Rental Car Company will deliver your 4x4 vehicle upon arrival to the Liberia Airport. You will be 6 nights at the Guanamar Hotel in Samara on a Standard room with breakfast included.

Guanamar Hotel

Guanamar is a three star family owned hotel in Playa Carrillo, Costa Rica, situated in the Guanacaste province on the North pacific coast, near the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Guanamar has been in operation for 25 years. It is just 2 miles from Playa Samara.

The hotel is surrounded by rich and exuberant flora and fauna typical of the area. Guanamar is perfectly situated on the hill top at the southern end of the bay, inviting guests to enjoy spectacular panoramic views and sunsets. Guanamar is located close to many Samara beach hotels (4miles) and just 1 mile from local airport (Samara airport).

Playa Carrillo lies on a beautiful, nearly semi-circular bay with a lovely white sand beach that stretches for over a mile. Surrounding the bay are rolling hills and steep mountains covered with tropical forests protecting the beach from strong winds and swells. Also, a rock reef on the north end of the bay acts as a natural barrier, providing calm waters ideal for water sports such as scuba diving and ocean kayaking. Crystal clear water, expansive white sand beaches and lush tropical vegetation, make this area a must visit.

Hotel GuanamarĀ“s charming typical thatch roof bungalows, garden trails and swimming pool, bar and restaurant decks offer guests the ideal site to enjoy beautiful sunsets over the Pacific. So go ahead and treat yourself to an unforgettable Costa Rica adventure.

Day 7 Car Drop off


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About Samara Beach

36 km SW of the city of Nicoya, Guanacaste. One of the safest and prettiest beaches in the country is Playa Samara, it has a superb coral reef and its own island in the bay, Isla Chora.

It's popular among swimmers and windsurfers, and it's an ideal beach for your kids. Silvery grayish sands 5 km long. Scenic beauty, character of the sea, and existing services make this beach a very wanted for destination by tourists. Samara is not only a beach , with a wide choice of friendly and attractive hotels, restaurants, bars and discos,Ā  it is also a thriving fishing and farming community.