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Guanacaste Costa RicaGuanacaste Costa Rica
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Tamarindo and its beautiful pristine beaches.

There is no doubt that Tamarindo has beautiful pristine beaches with clean and clear blue water, wonderful climate and the best view covered with natural surroundings. Tamarindo is known for being the best holiday destination as it joins together a variety of activities, places, hotels and restaurants.

Tamarindo Beach
    Tourists in Tamarindo Beach

Years ago, Tamarindo was an old fishing village in the northern part of the country, in the province of Guanacaste, Nicoya´s Peninsula.  Today, Tamarindo is a tourist village that developed many accommodations to suit all budgets, it has a great night and day life and many things to do. This multi-cultural community is the perfect place to enjoy life.

The beaches here are first thing to visit. The entire town is surrounded with a relaxing atmosphere, making it a great place. This is the reason that Tamarindo became a famous and tourist place to visit.

The surfing and windsurfing conditions are almost perfect for experienced and beginner surfers. Tamarindo is probably the most accessible beach town on the Pacific Coast across the northern region. Besides surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, skiing, boogie, horseback riding and scuba diving, you can visit the nearby Wildlife Refuge Diria and the Las Baulas National Marine Park, an important spawning and nursing ground for leatherback turtles. Offshore fishing in Tamarindo is great to catch marlin, tuna and sailfish. For those who love golf, Hacienda Pinilla is a great option, this 6,800-meter challenging golf course with beautiful trees as natural obstacles, was built by Mike Young, who designed each hole, taking into consideration the slopes and contours of the natural landscape.

Tamarindo Beach is big enough for those seeking for peace and quiet. But for those who want party and noise Tamarindo is the favorite place to rock!

It is important to bear in mind that Playa Tamarindo has strong currents and rips barely submerged rocks, so be careful when swimming here.



The estuary that divides the north of Playa Grande Tamarindo is quite large and it is possible to rent canoes to observe the wildlife here. To the south is the beautiful and set off Playa Langosta, with its excellent Bed & Breakfast. Most costly hotels and B & B are scattered all along the beach at Playa Langosta and south of Tamarindo.


Hoteles, Tamarindo Guanacaste Map

 Tamarindo Hotels:

Tamarindo Villa Vistas  |  Jardin del Eden  |  Tamarindo Diria  |  Capitan Suizo  |
Cala Luna  |  Barcelo Langosta Beach

The town of Tamarindo is quite colorful and flavorful local Tico. Here you can find several bakeries, a vegetable market outdoor art gallery, craft shops, a beautiful spa and more than 40 restaurants, bars and discos with cuisines to fit every palate. Easy access by bus, but the best way to get to Tamarindo is to fly to Tamarindo airstrip or to Liberia International Airport and then make a short trip via Santa Cruz to the town.  The drive from Tamarindo airstrip to Tamarindo town takes approximately 15 minutes and 20minutes to Langosta Beach; the drive from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo is more or less 1 hour.

When deciding on what to pack for your Tamarindo vacation, remember the weather remains warm throughout the year. Shorts, T-shirts, a hat, one pair of jeans and in rainy season a thin long sleeved shirt will usually be enough.  The sun shines just about 365 days per year, though in the rainy season (May through October), you can expect brief showers in the late afternoons.

Playa Tamarindo ( Tamarindo Beach), a place to have an unforgettable vacation on a tropical paradise of Costa Rica.  Some Activities in Tamarindo are: fishing, diving, sailing, surfing, horseback riding, plus the possibility of enjoying the great variety of places to eat. From Tamarindo you may also walk to the surrounding beaches like Langosta or Grande Beach where you may enjoy the view of Costa Rica´s Tamarindo Bay. Tamarindo is a surfing spot with a great variety of lodging alternatives like hotels, beach houses, vacation rentals and hostels. Learn about Tamarindo weather, tours, activities or simply compare lodging options while browsing on a tamarindo map that will show you the location of the different hotels.



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